spring is (slowly) creeping in

The weather this week was indecisive. It started out warm and friendly, with the strong hint of spring in the air, and then twice, unexpectedly, and on days that started bright and sunny and replete with birdsong, it suddenly snowed!

I can’t say it wasn’t beautiful, seeing the whole world again frosted over with a thick layer of crystals. Perhaps it was more beautiful because of impending spring – it is only a matter of days now.

The fence company came and dropped off the materials. Because of the snow they cannot start the work until early next week. I am quite excited to have the whole 6 acres fenced, a vast playground for our children and dogs, and, well, us too. I am especially looking forward to the sprouting of the pastures, because I have spotted a dozen or so wildflowers and grasses, dried and brown from last summer. I have my flower field guide standing at the ready, to identify and learn them all. I have given strict instructions to all males living in our house not to mow until I give the green light. A girl needs to know the plants she’s living with.

I already have a fondness for my land. We have been here less than 2 months, but oh how it fits already. When I drive up to the house after a long day out and about, it is as though my soul finally exhales. Ah. I am home. A refuge for my soul and a place to recharge and process the stirrings of my heart. Home should be a refuge. I am so grateful…I pray that you too have this blessing of home. If not now, then may it unfold at the perfect time, in a way that is so right and true, there is no doubt in your soul that God was orchestrating the details of your story.

I told you I would tell what yarn I used for that hat, only now I cannot find my label. It was a wool blend, very soft, that I picked up at a local yarn shop. The pattern is One-Night Hat by Stitchnerd Designs. I found it on Ravelry. I made this for a friend. I kept thinking I might keep it, but it kept telling me it was destined for another head. Haha. Yes, the yarn speaks at times 🙂 Finally, I finished it, blocked it, and tried it on and that’s when I knew for sure that it would be a gift. I shall make another for myself when the weather becomes cold again later this year. I love the pattern of little triangular knobs. It is thin and lightweight, while being quite warm and cozy at the same time. A great hiking hat.

Yesterday the fog came rolling in, thick and oppressive, but still eerily beautiful at the same time. Hubby went down to the barn to check the chickens. I stood and watched him walk down the hill, and suddenly he was swallowed up by it. Everything was still and quiet. I could not see far. All the air was cold and gray. It was like another world, mysterious and creepy.

This week I have a list of projects I would like to accomplish. One of them is to stack the dryer on top of the washer. Our laundry room is teeny tiny, and serves as a mud room too. One has very little room to take shoes off or put them on or even turn around. In order to put a shelf for shoes, and hopefully a hamper for random articles of dirty clothing that seem to get tossed on the floor and then walked on, and a drying rack, I am going to have to make use of vertical space. We will see if that makes a difference in the flow of the room.

I saw a bright blue bird this week while I was out for a walk. I haven’t figure out yet what it was, but I have narrowed it down to either a tree swallow or a mountain bluebird. Stay tuned for more on that.

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