moving in

 We are slowly getting moved in. It seems to take me so long to move into a house and make it mine, and it is not something that can be rushed. You would think, since we have moved so many times over the years, that we would be better at the settling in part, but we aren’t. It just takes time, and can be a little stressful too, with all the boxes full of random stuff and stacks of wall art leaning against walls – oh, where to put everything?! Also, it is one thing to go from house to house on city-sized lots, and quite another to go from a city lot to almost 6 acres!
I got hens right away, and have already lost one of them to a predator. We had them outside in the coop that came with the house, and had its own fenced yard. But there is a stray cat in the area, and he has been killings chickens. After losing one of my beautiful black australorps to him, I moved all the hens into the barn for the time being, until I can come up with a plan for a predator-proof run.
It is quiet out here in the rolling prairie, and the quiet is so pronounced, that I would almost say it is loud, if that makes sense. A loud quiet, ha! Still, I love it, and the night sky is bright with stars. I am looking forward to our first spring here.
I am only getting 2-4 eggs a day right now from the girls, and as the weather is just beginning to warm up and the days are lengthening, I am thinking that will change soon.
I have begun to plant seeds, slowly, wondering how my garden will be different from other gardens I have tended, with the difference in elevation. I am looking forward to having tomatoes, broccoli, onions, peas, kale, lettuce, peppers, cabbage, and spinach. I’m sure that list will grow through the spring. It is quite dry here, so I find myself hoping for rain and checking the weather forecast frequently.
Right now I am knitting a shawlette that I hope will be finished and blocked in time to wear it to church on Easter. I am knitting it with sock yarn. I will give the specifics in the next post when I have completed it.